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Joe Holocheck, ACE 


Born and raised in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, Joe began his 20+-year career as a pest control technician in a large regional company. He was quickly promoted into management and was ultimately recruited into the technical department where he earned his ACE certification (Associate Certified Entomologist). Unfortunately, when the company was eventually bought out by a giant multinational corporation, it’s vibrant employee-centered culture eroded, and the quality of work suffered in the pursuit of the ever-increasing profit a public company must provide its shareholders. Joe began to dream about starting a company dedicated to doing right by both workers and customers. Tree Frog Pest Solutions is the realization of that dream.

“I had the good fortune to ‘grow up’ in a company that really knew how to take care of people—employees and customers alike—and I want to build a company that replicates that kind of a culture. In my experience, when technicians are squeezed to make more and more profit, they are forced to cut corners and forgo training even if they don’t want to. Most people want to do a good job, and if they can’t, their morale suffers. My goal is to allow workers the time and training to properly service their customers, giving them the pride and dignity that comes from a job well done.”

Chris Arne Pic.jpg

Chris Arne, PhD 

Co-owner, Technical Expert

After earning his PhD in entomology from The University of Kentucky, Chris was hired at the same company where Joe worked to help lead their technical team. He quickly scaled the ranks, receiving the company-wide award for technical excellence as well as being named “Champion of the Year in Operations” by a consortium of independent pest control companies. He eventually became the Technical Director of all of North America for the world’s largest pest control company, a position he held for seven years before becoming Vice President of Operations for a mid-sized company in the Midwest.

“Frustrated by seeing the industry moving toward conglomeration and falling prey to the short-term profit seeking that comes with publicly-owned corporations, I had left the field for good when Joe told me he planned to launch his own company. I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to be a part of. Joe was one of my first recruits to my technical team and in all my years in the business, I’ve never met anyone better suited to leading a company. He has it all: rock-solid expertise, a tremendous work ethic, and absolute integrity, not to mention that he’s just an all-around good guy! I believe independent, locally-owned businesses like Tree Frog are what the industry needs and I’m happy to once again be able to be a part of a company I can really get behind.”

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